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We are Manufacturers of Speciality Grinding Wheels and Segments

What we make:
A range of specialty resin-bonded abrasive grinding wheels and segments. We can now also supply specialised CBN and diamond products in resin, metal or viitrfied bonds.

What our customers grind:
Springs, bearings, con-rods, tappets, circlips, magnets, hand-tools, drill-bits and reamers, piston-rings, compressor and pump-parts, shafts and spindles, cylinder-liners, washers, spacers, tubes, stoppers, hydraulic and pneumatic shafts, glass-rods, bar grinding, cam-shafts, crank-shafts, pins, valve stems, valve seats, valve guides, fine-cut blanks, flame cut blanks, stampings, machine knives, saws, transmission and friction parts, roll grinding, castings, forgings, refractory materials, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, composites, etc..
What components our customers grind

Our Products
Which of our products are you interested in? Nut inserted discs, cylinders, segments, peripheral and centreless wheels.
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Nut-Inserted Discs and Cylinders:
Sizes: 150 to 1067 mm outside diameter.
Nut-patterns: Standard and custom.
Slots: Made to suit application.
Perforations: Made to suit application.
Disk wheels
Cylinder and cup wheels
Peripheral Grinding Wheels:
Sizes: 100 to 762 mm outside diameter.
Recesses: Plain, single and double recesses.
Peripheral wheels
Centreless Grinding Wheels:
Sizes: 300 to 630 mm outside diameter.
Recesses: Plain, single and double recesses.
Centreless wheels
Grinding Segments:
Shapes: A huge range to suit most segmental grinding machines from all around the world..

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The Jowitt - Molemab Partnership
Jowitt is the sole importer for Molemab products in the UK. Molemab, the world's 4th biggest bonded-abrasive manufacturer produce a complimentary range of products including speciality vitrified and standard stock as well as resin, vitrified and metal-bonded diamond and CBN products.

This partnership allows Jowitt to offer the marketplace a "one-stop-shop" for the range of abrasives products, for single-sourcing and stocking arrangements. with full technical pre- and post-technical support.

Call us for a quote.

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The Jowitt website features our wide range of grinding services including rail track grinding and manufacturers of grinding discs, grinding segments, and resin bonded grinding wheels for surface grinding. Products available include grinding discs, cylinder wheels, grinding segments, centreless peripheral wheels and grinding compounds. We also supply specialised CBN and diamond products in resin, metal or vitrified bonds

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