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Segments – Type 31

Prior to Mounting Mounting Previously used Segments
  1. Visually inspect the segments to ensure they have not been damaged. If there is any sign of damage they should not be mounted. Contact the supplier for advice.
  2. Ensure that all segments are clean as this could affect location and tightening in the chuck.
  3. Check the maximum operating speed shown on the segment against the speed shown on the grinding machine.
  4. Check the segment is the correct shape for the machine.
  1. Check that all segments are of equal length, as different length segments will cause the chuck to be out of balance.
  2. Check that all segments are dry and free of coolant as this could also lead to an out of balance effect.
  3. Check that all segments are of the same specification as different specifications could be of different weights.
  4. If the grinding application requires a mixed specification set up, these should be arranged in the chuck so as not to give an out of balance effect.
Mounting Procedure  
  1. Check that the fixing clamps are clean and free moving.
  2. On most machines there will be an adjustable backstop in the chuck against which the top of the segment can be pushed.
  1. This should be adjusted in order that the segment does not protrude from the chuck by more than 1.5 times the thickness of the segment.
  2. Adjusting the backstop will also reduce the possibility of the segment being pushed further into the chuck during grinding.

  1. Locate the segments in the clamps and tighten the clamps.
  1. Check that the clamps are securely held in place. The clamp fastening nut may appear tight, but wear can occur which results in the segments working loose in the chuck.

  1. Finally, remove any obstructions from the grinding area and close the guards.
  2. Run the grinding machine up to speed.
  3. After the initial grinding operation re-check the tightness of the clamps.
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